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Having your surveillance system installed and setup could not be easier. All of our engineers are trained to the highest standards, fully security vetted and have years of experience installing intruder alarms and surveillance systems. From the moment you order your system we will guide you through the process every step of the way, making sure your satisfaction is guaranteed. The majority of products and services can be installed within two days, and before the engineer leaves will make sure your system is live and you understand how it functions all whilst guaranteeing high quality maintenance through the life of your security system. 

As a VOG Fire and Security customer, you will have a direct line to our friendly, trained and professional help desk. Should you encounter any issues with your system then we will arrange a time that suits you to come and review the problem and find a solution 

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Home Security FAQ's

CCTV stands for Closed Circuit Television. This is a set of cameras linked to a monitoring device in your home that lets you monitor live events as well as recording the footage to save a view later.

Unfortunately we do not live in a perfect society and your home is always at risk of burglary. Indeed, it has been shown that the average cost across the country for a residential burglary is £3030. But you can take steps that will reduce the risk. One of these is installing a surveillance system. It has been shown that 60% of burglars wouldn’t attempt to enter a property if it had an surveillance system. So using surveillance as a deterrent clearly works. 

Did you know that surveillance could save you money in the long term. Insurance companies are looking at homes with surveillance as a low risk policy because the homeowner is seen to be taking appropriate steps to ensure their home’s protection. This means that the premiums insurance companies offer to those with surveillance can be drastically lower than those homes with no additional security. 

Whilst CCTV can lower your premiums and deter potential thieves, it cannot alert you to a crime in progress. That is why we recommend complimenting your newly installed surveillance system with a state of the art intruder alarm. 

An intruder alarm detects attempted, unauthorised intrusion into your property and raises an alarm, alerting you, your family and in some cases, the police to potential break in. Merely setting off the alarm can be all it takes to have an unwanted intruder fleeing from your property. 

The two main types of intruder alarm are wired and wireless. Wired Intruder alarms are what they sound like. An alarm linked by wires that run through your house to a main control box. Once an intruder is detected, the information races to the control box and the alarm is set off, notifying you, your security company or the police. 


The second type of alarm is wireless. This works by utilising sensors laced around the home that send radio waves to your control box. One of the benefits of a wireless alarm is that in the case of a power outage it will still be able to continue sending the signals as it is run off a battery, and not the mains like a wired system. Both set off the same alarm, alerting you to the potential problem.

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